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Unique • Functional • Beautiful

Welcome to Prairieland Designs, where we can make your house a home. A home that reflects your style, makes you proud to live in, and brings you peace and comfort. Whether you need new materials for your kitchen or bathroom remodel, assistance with selection of finishes and accessories for a room renovation, or if you are building your dream home... Prairieland Designs is here for you!

Let's turn your design dreams into reality

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Our Customers Say It All

Still not convinced? Why use a designer?

To express your personality

We work hard to express your personality and style. We’ll ask questions about your likes and dislikes, your family and lifestyle, your dreams and desires. Maybe you’re more traditional and have an heirloom piece that you would love to incorporate.  Or maybe you’re more modern and fell in love with that leather chair you saw in a shop on Michigan Avenue. Whatever your desires, we’ll work to incorporate them in a way that reflects you!

To bring it all together

You may have a general idea of the effect you’re looking for, but need help pulling it all together to create a seamless space.  A designer considers multiple design principles such as light, balance, proportion, color, and focal points.  We can ensure that everything including the paint, floor plan, accessories, fabrics, floor coverings, and lighting work together and suit your lifestyle. Not only does a designer consider the properties of a single room, but a designer considers how rooms, hallways, and stairways work together to complement each other and strengthen the entire home.

To meet your budget

We realize that everyone has different budgets. A designer can suggest elements that achieve the look you want, within your price range. Simple, inexpensive items such as color and lighting can produce wonderful effects at a relatively low cost. And combining semi-custom cabinetry with stock pieces results in seamless kitchens, baths, or libraries that look like custom-made, but at a fraction of the cost. A designer can also save you money in the long run, ensuring that all parts of the room fit together before construction begins. The last thing you want is a space that you don’t truly love, but can’t afford to fix.

To ensure quality

A qualified designer ensures that all designs are planned within code guidelines for all areas of the home. NCIDQ certificate holders have been educated to account for health and safety in your home. They are professionals who consider the latest design principles such as proper kitchen & bath design, selection of durable furnishings & fabrics, and proper lighting for all spaces.

226 W Locust St, Fairbury, IL 61739

Mon-Wed-Fri    9:00 am - 1:00 pm

or by appointment

6654 E. 1200 N. Rd Gridley, IL 61744

by appointment only